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Sources of information and advice, many like this site internet-based, abound.  How do you see the wood for the trees, and find what you need?  One site like this can't provide a single answer. 
However, as this website is independent, it can at least talk openly about the value of some of the services offered to members by trade unions, not something government employers, for example, will necessarily focus on. 
This site will also feature stories of working public servants and others, or those who have moved to a new job or into business.  Those stories will offer tips and advice you won't get elsewhere.  Moreover, as described in the Help in doing your job page, there are easy routes to talking with public servants and ex-public servants online.  Use them.
  • For those contemplating leaving the public service to set up in business, look out for advice and sources of advice here: Advice for starting a business
  • For those in public service employment, is trade union membership for you?  Would you like, for example, free legal advice and free learning opportunities (free, that is, after paying membership fee).  Try our Trade unions and you section.