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With rising inflation, and often pensions that will pay out years later than planned for and realise less money, and mean more contributions even when pay is being frozen, public servants need to save money.  This page provides some useful links:
1. Discounts for your part of the public service.
Owing to reasons of propriety, your organisation may not directly provide you a link to this site, but it has numerous discounts for serving and former public servants and their families.  Public Service Discounts website says: "Join free and start using more than 7000 discounts, from supermarkets to local shops... You need to be an employee of the Public Sector in the United Kingdom, and you must be a UK resident. This includes the Armed forces, Police and Fire Services, NHS, Education, Civil Service, Local Authorities and all other Public Sectors.  Friends and family members who are referred by Public Sector employees are allowed to have a membership, providing they live in the UK. Retired and Ex Public Sector employees are also allowed to have a membership, providing they live in the UK."  There are also employer and trade union discount schemes and some for specific sectors, such as Forces Discounts. 
2.  Carshare - with fuel so expensive can you go to work in the same car as another public servant? Consider using (for free)  National Car Share. 
3.  Money saving news and advice.   Probably the best money saving service, with bang up to date news and advice and offers, plus a great forum and free e-mail updates is  Money Saving Expert 
4.  Also consider cashback options when spending money online, one useful site is  Quidco.