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Jobs are being lost or threatened in public services, from Whitehall departments, to police and RAF officers, and to staff in charities and businesses hurt by government funding cuts. 
Pay and conditions in the public services are often suffering too.  For example, the "job for life" many expected is proving an illusion.  Similarly, highly-rated pensions are being trimmed back and are to be payable later in life. 
As a result, public servants need some inspiration to be reminded that while they are public servants they can be exceptional, and if they leave public service they can be just as exceptional when it comes to using their skills and experience to start a business or  find a new job.
The very first inspirational example is of a school office manager who raised £26,600 for the school swimming pool against a target of £10,000.  Read about it and tips for fundraisers in our external blog: Fantastic fundraising and tips for success.
In hard (or any) times it is good to be reminded that you can be proud of what you do, so Public Service Options is introducing a series of inspiring pages:
- Public Service Pride 1, by public servants
- Public service pride 2, by people who have benefited from public services
- Moving on to success 1, by those exiled from their public service jobs who have succeeded in a new career
- Moving on to success 2, by others exiled from their public service jobs who are succeeding in business