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June 2011
 April to May 2011
March 2011:
  • After a pause for planning content and gathering material, and keeping an eye on news about public services and what is happening to them, this website is in business.  It is here  to help and inspire public servants and those leaving public service at a time when this is most needed.  The site has been reorganised and the lead blog concerns a school office manager who helped raise £26,600 for the school swimming pool, an example of some of the exceptional people in public service who aren't celebrated consistently in one place, as this site aims to do. 
November 2010:
  • New "Local options" page added to the site, to start up just England and London are featured with a link to a great music promoter for London and the South East
20 October 2010:
  • Spending Review announcement in UK.
  • Public Service Options website launched. A little bit of good news.
Pre-20 October 2010:
  • A lengthy list of bad news for public servants - pensions reviewed, severance terms diminishing, jobs reducing, whole organisations closing, pay frozen, budgets cut (impacting on charities and private sector service providers and the public).