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The media is always full of contradictory stories like "NHS hospital deaths due to poor cleaning" or "NHS hospital saves lives following disaster". 
Public servants should be proud of what they do and be able to read about examples of great work.  This page will quote all kinds of public servant on what they have done that makes them proud.
1. A soldier.  Dan, who was interviewed for his example of (Army) pride, will soon be blogging for Public Service Options in our  external blog.  The Falkland Islands have many desolate spots. One is an army shooting range several miles from Port Stanley.  “It is a place where you can get all the seasons in one day”, recalls Mark.  “You can go out in blazing summer sunshine, then the weather will turn to autumn rain, winter snow and spring storms all before nightfall.  Packing kit and repeatedly changing was really hard going.  At this shooting range up in the mountains there is the range, a few small porta cabins to live in, and not much else.  The ground by the huts became wet and marshy when it rained, so over 10 days we put in a proper concrete path with decking.  It was mega, a great finished article to make the place better for other users of the range.  We put up a wooden plaque with the regimental name and date and made a couple of bird houses out of spare bits of wood, though one of them was a bit rubbish.”     
2. Ameeta, ex-civil servant, wrote in our  external blog about her new business as a henna artist.  Here, she recalls her former work with pride.  "The most enjoyable thing I did as a civil servant was meeting such a range of people over the 23 years that I was in the Service. It felt like a close knit family and as a result I have made very good friends with whom I keep in touch with. In relation to the job, I most enjoyed actually going out on visits and meeting youngsters where we funded activities for them to attend and see how it was making a positive impact to their lives. That gave a me a sense of contentment and satisfaction to actually see how our monies was making a difference." 
3. A charity Chief Executive.  Toby Blume, of  the Urban Forum is proud of "Setting up a charity that helped make it the norm for homeless service providers to think it was appropriate to involve homeless people in designing and delivering their services. And, in the same job, setting up a grants scheme that has helped hundreds of community projects run by homeless and socially excluded people to get off the ground. The organisation and the grants programme are still running today 14 years later."
4. A Civil Servant.  Darren, owner of this site, left the Civil Service in 2010 after a career split between working in the  immigration service and government communications.  He says "The best thing I did, full stop, was to play a key part in the deportation of a person who turned out to have been convicted of murder in his home country and was showing disturbing behaviour here.  I felt I made the UK a safer place.  Of course, I also made decisions which gave people stay in the UK, and there were a lot of lovely people who contributed much to society.  In my early days in communications I helped staff understand and operate under complex new rules which, without me, would have slowed them up and adversley impacted the service to the public.  There are many, many more things I could describe, but those stand out."